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I am inspired most by my parents and my grandmother. The reason to this is quite obvious; I observed them and knew them ever since I was born. It was very natural for me as a young child to get impressed by even their minor achievements and wanting to follow their footsteps. My grandmother was going through many struggles with her health from a relatively young age and still continued to have a positive outlook on life, which inspired me to not give up in life. Besides they took special care to inculcate in me skills, habits and ideas that I have found very useful in my later life. I believe that a person needs grand idealized role models, as well as knowing someone well in order to have a really constructive font of beneficial inspirational to life.

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“My friends Embarassing first date”

My friend was going out with this guy called John, he was a perfect gentleman in every way. One night he invited her out to dinner at a really nice restaurant, the date initially started out good. Since it was a big fancy restaurant, it had two floors and one escalator dividing both. My friend was wearing a nice long elegant skirt, so as she was going down the escalator she heard a weird noise, and because she was having a wonderful time with John she ignored the noise. She was absolutely mortified to finally figure out that the noise was her skirt being ripped by the escalator. She had forgotten her house keys and her room mate was out. Needless to say she called me and explained the situation, while I died laughing!. I then dropped off something for her to wear, so I brought her these pretty mini denim shorts. After all, the incident wasn’t much of a big deal. My friend and John are now happily married, and when they reflect back to that first date they have a laugh about it, but at the the time is was no laughing matter.

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“They Say/I say” by Graff and Birkenstein. Chapter 8. “As a Result” Connecting the Parts.

In this chapter Graff and Birkenstein emphasise the importance of connecting sentences and paragraphs, indentifying several strategies that we can use to put the principle into actions. These include (1)using transitional terms like “therefore and a result of”, (2) adding pointing words like “this and such”, (3) developing a set of key terms and phrases for each text you write, and (4) repeating yourself, but with a difference- such as repeating what you’ve said. The use of these words identifies a connection to the previous sentence. By repeating the key terms, it connects the text that allows identification of a topic; furthermore by repeating the points in a different way it connects the ideas that will echoe your argument. To prevent the disconnection and make the writing flow, Graff and Birkenstein advise to follow “do it yourself” principle as mentioned above.

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Week 4- Chapter Nine: “Ain’t So/ Is Not” Academic Writing Doesn’t Always Mean Setting Aside Your Own Voice.

In this chapter Graff and Birkenstein explain how we can write effective academic arguments while holding on to our voice. He indicated on how we can impress our instructors by using big words, long sentences, and complex sentence structures (p. 121). They suggest that we shouldn’t avoid using sophisticated, academic terms in writing, and encourage us to draw upon the kinds of expressions and the phrases we use everyday when having a conversation with family and friends. It is also suggested that everyday language shouldn’t be accepted in academic writing.

Many succesful writers blend academic, professional language with popular expressions and sayings. To succeed as a writer in University, we need to remember to not limit our language to the strictly formal, however academic writing does rely on complex sentence patterns and on specialized, disciplinary vocabularies, by blending these languages counts as standard english changes over time and range of possibilities.

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Movie Review “The Notebook”

I would describe the movie “The Notebook” (2004) as an unabashedly romantic tale about love, memories, and death. It’s a weepy, but I believe it’s one that men can connect with. It’s based on a novel by a man, the screenplay was written by a man, and the director is a man. The story chronicles one otherwise-quite-ordinary man’s uncompromising love. “The Notebook” before seeing the film, and I would say the movie tells essentially the same story as the book and remains faithful to it in spirit. The big difference, though, is that the summer romance between the young lovers is greatly expanded in the film. The young lovers Noah and Allie are played in the film by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

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Review of the Book “They say I say” by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein

This book really helped me improve on my writing skills. The authors provided fundamental rules to make the most of persuasive essays by using the “they say I say” method. The reason why I recommend this book than any other English academic books is that they understand there are also exceptions to some of those rules, like the usage of the word “I” in a paragraph. There were also tons of template examples to use for writing. I came up with the realization that it is funny how we use these basic writing moves in our everyday speech, however by implementing them in a writing piece just makes it all the more challenging. Word to the wise: never stop reading and writing, it helps your brain grow!.

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Why do we seek success?

Success seems to be always in the air, are you one of them who is trying to catch it? Most of us pursue success and don’t have a clear end goal. I wonder to myself why I am doing this or why am I seeking success, well this are a few kind of questions people might be asking or to meditate, to fail to ask this question you or I may be wasting a life time of effort. When we look at it we pursue success to be happy. Success is just the means to find joy. Most people say that they pursue success to be fulfilled, but fulfillment is accompanied by joy.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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